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 Veleros Auto Detail offers professional interior car detailing in Houston and surrounding areas. We have worked on over 100+ interiors with different types of materials, vinyl colors, and compartments. We ensure nothing but the best results with safe products and procedures. What really differentiates our full interior detail from our Level 2 Interior detail is that with this service we steam clean, clean upholstery, clean headliner, and detail all compartments possible to ensure we can get your vehicle looking as new as we possibly can. With this service, we strip your car of all trash and items to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation of all areas are adequately detailed. Before receiving this service it’s important to understand we don’t always achieve perfection and there are vehicles that simply cannot be detailed to look brand new but we can ensure your vehicle will be left 10x better.

What comes included in our full interior detail?

  • Thorough vacuum including trunk
  • Clean and disinfect dash, doors, center console, cupholders, ALL compartments, steering wheel etc
  • Clean and condition leather
  • Clean upholstery (seats, carpet and mats)
  • Clean headliner
  • Condition all interior vinyl
  • Windows
  • Door jambs

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How long does this service take?

Our most common question always gets broken down into two categories, how is the condition and the size of the vehicle? On average it can take as little as 4 hours and as much as 12+ hours to ensure what we offer is done to the best of our ability. The bigger the vehicle the longer it takes due to the amount of space we must cover and for small vehicles its quicker due to less space to cover. Now this doesn’t mean a small car cant take us 12+ hours because it might be in horrible condition therefore its much more work to complete. To close, it all depends on your situation but we can ensure to answer any questions or doubts you may have to fully let you know how long it will take. 

Can you complete the service at my house, job, or apartment?

We cannot complete the job at your job however, we can complete it at your apartment or house but please book your appointment knowing that it is an extensive service that takes time to complete. Often than not we ask if it’s possible for you to bring it to our home shop location based out of 77045 but that’s only for instances of a vehicle completely trashed and in need of a  deep restoration.

How long does it take for the seats to dry?

Since we live in Texas often than not it takes less than a couple of hours for the vehicle seats to dry since we reach temperatures over 100 degrees. However, as we move into colder months ahead it could take a day or two and it also depends on the upholstery material you have.


Veleros Auto Detail is a mobile car detailing company based in Houston however serves surrounding areas. With quality work and prompt customer service we ensure your experience will be memorable.

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