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Who doesn’t love a freshly washed vehicle with clean wheels, streak free windows, tire shine, and glossy paint? Our car wash service provides a perfect and safe way for a team of experienced individuals to properly and efficiently wash your vehicle with peace of mind. Yes, our car wash removes those annoying bugs, bad brake dust off your wheels, blow out all the water from those tight crevices, and we can even adjust the tire shine to your preference to give shiny and matte finishes. However this service does not, conduct the use of stiff brushes to clean your paint to damage the vehicle, it is not a quick 15 minute wash, and most importantly we don’t sell you “lava wax” but we do use during the process  top of the line products with advanced technology to properly take care of your vehicle for years to come.

What comes included in our Premium Hand wash service?

Not a cheap and fast automatic car wash

There is a lot to consider when getting a car wash because you always look for the best price and the best quality work. Here at Veleros Auto Detail if you truly care about your vehicle and are in need of a top level team to take care of your car wash needs we are the perfect fit for you. We go to you at no extra charge as long as you are in our service area and wash your vehicle as if it was our own. Anyone can say they can wash their car but lets be honest you will either end up taking a whole day to wash it, are too busy, or just don’t have the proper tools, equipment, and knowledge to do it yourself. Take the stress off your shoulders, sit back and relax as we clean your car at any place and any time of our operation hours.



How long does it take?

This service takes 30 minutes to 1 1/1 hours to complete depending on the size of the vehicle?

Does this include waxing?

No, if you are interested in waxing services please check out our wash and wax service for more information.

Does this include inside too?

No please check off the boxes from the forms that say  Level 1 Interior Detail, Level 2 Interior Detail, or our Full Interior detail to have both interior and exterior cleaned and detailed.  


Veleros Auto Detail is a mobile car detailing company based in Houston however serves surrounding areas. With quality work and prompt customer service we ensure your experience will be memorable.

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