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Welcome to Veleros Auto Detailing in Sienna, Texas! We specialize in mobile auto detailing services. Whether you are looking to enhance the exterior of your vehicle or add a bit of sparkle and shine to the interior, we are here to help make sure your car looks great.

At Veleros Auto Detailing, we use only the highest quality products and equipment to ensure that your car receives a top-notch detailing experience. All of our products are designed to be safe for both your vehicle’s surfaces as well as the environment. Our team is highly experienced in properly cleaning and polishing various types of vehicle exteriors including cars, trucks and recreational vehicles.

We also offer complete interior detailing services. From carpet shampooing and upholstery cleaning to leather conditioning, window cleaning and more, we can make sure that your car’s interior looks like new. Using specialty vacuum systems along with advanced interior cleaning technology, we can remove even the toughest dirt and stains from fabric or carpeted surfaces with ease. We also have techniques for safely removing allergens from seats and carpets as well as providing a thorough deep clean for every fabric surface inside your vehicle.

Our team at Veleros Auto Detailing always strives to go above and beyond expectations when it comes to customer satisfaction – whether it is through providing exceptional detail work on each vehicle or by giving detailed instructions on how best maintain the look of a freshly serviced car over time. We understand how important it is for customers that their vehicles receive reliable auto detailing services in Sienna Texas that won’t break the bank – which is why we offer competitive pricing options on all of our services!

For those who live outside of Sienna but still wish to enjoy our expert auto detailing services there is no need to worry! Our mobile service allows us to come straight too you wherever you may be located within reasonable distance from our shop here in Sienna Texas! So don’t hesitate – call us today for all your automotive detailing needs!


While we provide service to the River Oaks area, you may be wondering if we cover your particular location. Rest assured, our services extend far and wide, and it is highly likely that we can assist you.

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West University

Sugarland Texas

Sienna Texas

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Services we offer

We have a variety of services for you to choose from. All services can be conducted at your home and some at your job. It’s important to note if you are interested in our Full Interior Detail depending on the condition of your vehicle we might request for you to drop it off at our location due to how much time it takes to complete and the standards you want to be met.

Level 1 Interior Detail

If you have a very well-maintained vehicle that just needs a light wipe-down or dust off this service offers an efficient way to get it cleaned up at an affordable price.

Level 2 Interior Detail

By far our most popular interior cleaning service. This is an awesome service if you are looking in getting a full general cleaning and sanitation of your vehicle. This includes cleaning of door panels, dash, cupholders, mats, and much much more.

Full Interior Detail

Experience the art of having your vehicle's interior restored to the newest condition possible.

Premium Hand Wash

Our most frequently booked service offers a complete body wash, wheel cleaning, and an enhancing look to your vehicle's paint.

Interesting enough to keep you reading huh? At Veleros Auto Detail we offer top-grade ceramic coatings to protect your vehicle for 3-9 years. This means your vehicle will need to be washed less often, be protected from contaminants, amazing sleek look and feel, and have crazy water-beading properties. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to provide running water and an electrical outlet? – nope! We are a fully sustained mobile car detailing unit all we need are your keys and a bit of space to work with.
  2. How does the booking process work?- Easy, you can either click here or scroll down and fill out the form!
  3. What forms of payment do you accept?- Cash and Zelle only.


Veleros Auto Detail offers mobile car detailing in Houston and surrounding areas. With quality work and prompt customer service we ensure your experience will be memorable.

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